Every good resuscitation needs a timekeeper

Start your CPR

Keep timing Epinephrine and chest compressions

Every single step will be recorded





Choose between more than 25 drugs. The most common dose will be ready for default for a rapid selection. You can change it with the exact dose for the patient.


Automated CPR, endotracheal tube, intraosseous or venous access, TTM (Targeted Temperature Management). Choose the device to record the exact time.


Artery and vein cannulation, circuit priming and pump start. For in and out of hospital cardiac arrests. Begin with the standard ACLS and go further with the most advanced life support.




Whether you are skilled in trans-thoracic echography or use to perform trans-esophageal ultrasound, you will able to record the diagnosis.


Starting and finishing a session

When you start a session, the blue circle begin to round. Every 2 minutes you will reminded to evaluate the rhythm. The red circle keep counting epinephrine timing.

How to manage the list

Every time you tap an item it will be saved and added to the list . You can consult it whenever you want. You can change the times recorded or eliminate them if you need.